Institute for Cognitive Sciences-Marc Jeannerod UMR 5304

UMR 5304 (CNRS-UCBL 1) was created in 2007 and is one of the two laboratories at the Institute for Cognitive Sciences — Marc Jeannerod. The institute is located on the Neurocampus in Bron. UMR 5304 (formerly L2C2 for Laboratory on the Brain, Language and Cognition) is an interdisciplinary laboratory that gathers the expertise of researchers in Life Sciences (cognitive psychology, neurosciences) and medicine (child psychiatry, neuropediatric) with the expertise of researchers in Human and Social Sciences (computational linguistics, theoretical linguistics, philosophy) to study the nature and specificity of the human mind. The laboratory is affiliated with the University Lyon 1 (UCBL 1) and to the INSB and INSHS at CNRS. It relies on the experience of more than ten years of fruitful interactions and interdisciplinary research and promotes empirical research project, based on robust theoretical approaches, which go beyond disciplinary borders.

To reinforce its interdisciplinary research strategy, UMR 5304 has a single team, with a project-based organization that allows flexible participation of members from different fields on a common theme. The main research topics can be divided into four main topics:

  1. Language and sensorimotor processes
  2. Human communication
  3. Reasoning
  4. Language acquisition