Brain, Behavior and Learning



The overarching goal of the BBL project is to characterize the cognitive and neural mechanisms that underlie logical and mathematical thinking. To do this, we use a combination of behavioral and brain imaging techniques, such as electroencephalography (EEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Several projects focus on understanding how the neural mechanisms underlying deductive reasoning are affected by intra- and inter-individual factors. Other projects investigate the impact of culture and education on the neural bases of math abilities. Finally, research interests also include the neural bases of visuomotor control and attentional processing.

Although many of our studies are conducted on adult participants, a recent focus of our research is on understanding the cognitive and neural developmental of reasoning and math cognition in children with and without learning disabilities, such as dyscalculia or specific language impairment.

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Jérôme Prado
Research scientist and vice director until september 1st, 2019
Marie-Line Gardes
Maître de conférences
Justine Epinat-Duclos
Ingénieur en Expérimentation et Instrumentation Biologique
Jessica Leone