CognitoScope ?

To advance research on high-level cognitive functions and their breakdown in pathologies like autism, schizophrenia or developmental disorders and learning disabilities, we have developed a unique research platform, the “CognitoScope”, which is open to the entire scientific community. This Platform integrates research, training, and services, and is supported and maintained by the CognitoScope staff.

Expertise available :

This platform also provides access to expertise in the fields of pediatric neurology , neuropsychology, neuropsychiatry , linguistics, movement kinematics , experimental psychology as well as access to patient cohorts .

Fields of application:

Neurodevelopment , followed by clinical trials , specific learning disabilities , intellectual disabilities , autism, neuropsychology, cognition, social cognition, language ( baby to adult) .

Proximity to other platforms:

CERMEP Imaging Center (MRI , PET, MEG), Neurogenetics, genomics, pediatric CIC.

Scientific Head: Yves Paulignan (CNRS) and Aurore Curie (HCL)
Technical Head: Anne Cheylus (CNRS)
Experiment Assistant: Justine Epinat (CNRS)
Psychologist Amandine Laurisse Brun (HCL)
Authorization to place research : ARS 2011/538

Anne Cheylus
Ingénieur de Recherche
Yves Paulignan
Senior Scientist
Justine Epinat-Duclos
Ingénieur en Expérimentation et Instrumentation Biologique
Aurore Curie