Brown bag du 13/12/2017 Marie Pascale Noël


Influence of visual-spatial dimensions on the development of number magnitude representation
Marie-Pascale Noël, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgique
Wednesday 2017 december 13th at 15:30pm (salle C)

In this seminar I will present three types of data showing in children, the influence of visual-spatial dimensions on number magnitude. In the first study, I will show that pre-schoolers are influenced by visual-spatial properties of the collections when they are asked to compare the numerical magnitude of two sets of dots. Second, I will show in patients presenting a genetic disorder called the 22q11 syndrome and known to present both weak visual-spatial and numerical skills, an abnormally low acuity of the approximate number sense only when the measuring conditions involve some visual-spatial processing.   Finally, I will show how low visual-spatial skills in children with a non-verbal learning disorder may alter the development of the number magnitude representation both in its precision and in its spatial orientation.