Brown bag du 8/11/2018 Greta Mazzaggio



On the Cost of Scalar Implicatures

Whether there is a cost in deriving scalar implicatures (e.g., to interpret some as some but not all, instead of the logical interpretation some and possibly all) is still under a heated debate, with two principal accounts: the default accounts do not predict a cost for the pragmatic interpretation, while the non-default accounts do. Since Bott & Noveck (2004), the debate has turned to the experimental field with a majority of works that seem to support the second argument. The talk will address the topic of the cost of scalar-implicatures computation through two studies. The first study will focus on bilingualism and the effect of a L2 on the computation of scalar inferences. The second study is an ongoing project: through recorded self-paced reading, reaction times, and eye-tracking techniques we looked into the process of computation more in depth. Results showed that, overall, there is a cognitive cost but such cost disappears when there is support from the context.