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Ira Noveck


My work investigates inference making.  I am especially taken with the way logical terms -- for example if, and, not, or, Some, must, etc. -- are processed.  Though my background is in the psychology of reasoning,  it became clear to me early on that analyses from linguistics -- and specifically semantics and pragmatics -- need to be considered as well. This led to a research program called Experimental Pragmatics that was developed in collaboration with Dan Sperber. 

Following up on the pioneering work of researchers such as Guy Politzer, Sam Glucksberg, Herb Clark, Ray Gibbs & Tony Sanford, this area tests semantic and pragmatic theory using a panoply of experimental techniques from psycholinguistics, developmental psychology and neuro-imagery.   Though my main focus has been on logical terms, I investigate issues of reasoning and pragmatics more generally (including figurative language).

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