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 Ménoret M, Curie A, des Portes V, Nazir TA and Paulignan Y (2013) Motor resonance facilitates movement execution : an ERP and kinematic study.
Front.Hum.Neurosci. 7:646. doi:10.3389/fnhum.2013.00646

Bonnefond, M., Van der Henst, J-B (in press). Deduction electrified: ERPs elicited by the processing of words in conditional arguments. Brain and Language, 124, 244-256.

Bonnefond, M., Noveck, I., Baillet, S., Cheylus, A., Delpuech, C. Bertrand, O., Fourneret, P. & Van der Henst, J-B (2013). What MEG can reveal about inference making: the case of if…then sentences. Human Brain Mapping, 34, 684-697.


Reboul, A., Manificat, S. & Foudon, N. (in press) Autism from a cognitive-pragmatic perspective", in Schmid, H-J. & Geeraerts, D. (eds) Handbook of Pragmatics: Cognitive Pragmatics, Mouton-de Gruyter.

 Reboul, A. (2012) 'Radical Embodied Cognition vs. "Classical" Embodied Neuroscience', in Yu, Z. (ed.) Cognition and Embodiment, Shanghai University Press.


A method for exploring the organization of the mental lexicon by analyzing electrophysiological
Sabine Ploux, L2C2, Institut des Sciences Cognitives, FRE 3406 CNRS/Université Lyon I, France
Stéphanie Dabic, EMC, Université Lyon II, France

Spotorno, N., Koun, E., Prado, J., Van der Henst, J-B & Noveck, I. (2012). Neural evidence that utterance processing entails mentalizing: the case of irony. Neuroimage, 63, 25-39.


Kaliuznha, M., Chambon, V., Testud, B., Franck, N., & Van der Henst, J-B (2012). Belief Revision and delusions: How do patients with schizophrenia take advice? PLoS ONE, 7(4): e34771. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0034771

Mercier, H., Yama, H., Kawasaki, Y., Adachi, K., & Van der Henst, J-B. (2012). Is the use of averaging in advice taking modulated by culture? Journal of Cognition and Culture. 12, 1-16.

Bonnefond, M., Van der Henst, J-B., Gougain, M., Robic, S., Olsen M.D., Weiss, O., & Noveck, I. (2012). How pragmatic interpretations arise from conditionals. Journal of Memory and Language, 67, 468-485.

 Reboul, A. (in press) 'Relativity of language to culture or relativity of culture to language? A new look at an old debate', ILCAA Papers.

 Déprez, V., Syrett, K. & Kawahara, S. (in press) "The interaction of syntax, prosody, and discourse in licensing French wh-in-situ questions", Lingua

 Reboul, A. (2011) "Language: of freedom and human bondage", Social Science Information 50/1, 1-14.

 Déprez, V., Syrett, K., Kawahara, S. (in press) "interfacing intonation with prosody: French wh-in-situ questions", Lingua.

 Fargier R, Paulignan Y, Boulenger Véronique, Monaghan P, Reboul A, Nazir
TA. Learning to associate novel words with motor actions: Language-induced motor activity following
short training, CORTEX (2011), doi: 10.1016/j.cortex.2011.07.003

 Achimova, A., Déprez, V. & Musolino, J. (2010) 'What makes pair-list answers available: An experimental approach', NELS 2010. 

 Reboul, A. (2011) 'Live Metaphors', in Reboul, A. (ed.) Philosophical Papers Dedicated to Kevin Mulligan

 Reboul, A. (in press) 'Résistance imaginative et norme fictive', in Sievers, J. (ed.) Normes comme fictions: la non-existence dans le domaine normatif, College Publications.

 Reboul, A. (2011) 'La résistance imaginative: émotions, valeurs et fiction' , in Tappolet, C. (ed.) Les ombres de l'âme: penser les émotions négatives, Markus Halter Ed.

 Reboul, A. (in press) 'Réception de la fiction: le cas de la résistance imaginative', in 

 Brieussel, L., Sabatier, P.,  Reboul, A., Verpoix, M-D., Mathieu, J., Lacombe, C., Arnaud, V., Manificat, S. (2011) 'Aide à la communication informatisée dans les TED', in Actualités sur la prise en charge des troubles envahissants du Dévelo

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